“I Quit” Match

“I Quit” Match: Jethro Holiday vs Booker T w/ Sharmell

Booker and Jethro lock up with Holiday eating Booker T’s shots. Holiday hits a big shoulder block and hits a big clothesline, sending Booker out of the ring. Booker T hits Jethro with a right hand and is sent into the ring post. Booker hits a super kick and a suplex. Booker hits a back drop and slaps Holiday. Holiday hits a few huge chest chops and then eats a big spin kick. Booker T mounts Jethro Holiday and reigns right hands down. Booker picks up Jethro and goes for the Axe Kick. Holiday hits a big boot and reigns down right hands. Booker  floats over Holiday but he gets turned inside out by a huge clothesline. Booker T hits Holiday with a chair and an Axe Kick. Holiday says “I Quit” and Booker T picks up the win.


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