Team 3D Invitational Semifinal

Beer Money Inc. vs Jethro Holiday and Eric Young

Brother Ray and Brother Devon will be at ringside to watch this match. Robert Roode and Eric Young will start the match. EY tries a couple pins all going for a two count. Big spine buster from Roode gets a two count. Beer Money hits the suplex which is followed by the chant. After another nearfall, Roode puts EY in a head lock. Roode sends EY into the corner. EY hits a big belly to belly slam and both men make tags. Holiday is in and clearing house. He covers Storm and for a two count. Combination lariat/back stabber for a two count by Beer Money. EY is hit by the Last Call and then the DWI (Driving While Investing) for the three count. Team 3D applaudes the efforts of Beer Money.


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