WWE Backlash Review

Sorry this so late everybody.

ECW Championship match: Jack Swagger (c) vs Christian

Jack Swagger vs Christian

Swagger is controlling Christian early with some mat wrestling. Christian slaps him and follows it up with a spinning calf kick. After a spinning elbow, Christian earns a two count. Swagger uses a couple shoulder blocks to gain control and then a press slams Christian out of the ring which earns him a two count. Swagger uses a knee and then a reverse waist lock to ground Christian. Christian kicks out of another two count after reversing a kick in the corner. Swagger goes to a bear hug and Christian fights out. Another two count by Swagger by using a gut buster and then goes back to the waist lock. Christian runs into a knee. Swagger tried a splash from the top rope and eats s knee. Christian gets a two count from a great sunset flip. Another slam by Swagger and now goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb. Christian hit a tornado DDT for a two count. Another big slam from Swagger. Christian is up on the top rope and uses a backdrop from the second rope. Swagger hits a splash from the top rope for a two count. Christian uses and interesting roll up to get a two count. Swagger hits an Oklahoma slam and they both take off a turnbuckle cover. Swagger goes for the corner splash and Christian counters with the Kill Switch (Unprettier) for the three count. Christian is the ECW champion. This was extremely fun match to watch. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Chris Jericho vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Streamboat has some gas in the tank. Steamboat gets control early and starts to work on Jericho with an arm drag. Jericho hits a couple forearms, but gets caught again with an arm drag. They trade shots and Steamboat hangs on to the ropes as Jericho hits a couple quick moves to gain control. Jericho puts in a terrible version of the tazmission. Steamboat hits a deep arm drag but Jericho gets up quickly and hits a clothesline for two. The fans seem disinterested by Jericho. Steamboat reverses a whip and sends Jericho to the top rope. Steamboat hits a superplex from the top rope for a near fall. A couple near falls from The Dragon later, Jericho hits an Ensuigri. Jericho hits the bulldog and goes for a lionsault. Steamboat reverses but gets caught in the Walls of Jericho. Ricky reverses into the figure four. Jericho rolled to the ropes to break it up. Dragon goes to the top rope, avoids a diving Jericho and hits the cross body from the top rope for a two count. Dragon goes to the second rope and Jericho counters with the code breaker for another two count. Steamboat uses a package for a near fall. Jericho locks in the walls of Jericho and Dragon has to tap out. This was an awesome match. 3 out of 5 stars. Steamboat salutes the crowd to a standing ovation.

Kane vs CM Punk

CM Punk is using quickness and kicks to try and keep Kane at bay. Punk hits an Arm Breaker and starts to work on the right arm of Kane. Kane goes for a choke slam on the outside, but Punk uses a great move and hangs onto the apron. Punk gets drop kicked by Kane into the ring post. Kane puts CM Punk in a body scissors. Some quick moves here with Kane hitting a HUGE clothesline to knock Punk silly. Kane hits a back breaker and CM Punk counters a choke slam into an arm breaker. CM Punk puts Kane in what appeared to be a modified Koji Clutch but it doesn’t seem to have helped Punk. Kane goes up to the top rope but CM Punk can’t hold him. Punk hits a bulldog and earns a two count. CM Punk eats a Kane uppercut on a springboard which earns Kane a two count. Kane hits a side slam for another two count. Kane is calling for a choke slam but CM Punk hits a bunch of kicks. Kane grabs one of Punk’s legs and hits a choke slam for a pin. This match was ok, but didn’t live up to the other two matches. 2 out of 5 stars.

The Great Khali Kiss Cam

He is supposed to kiss Santina tonight, but I will be willing to bet it won’t happen. I do like the fact that Santina comes out to the same music as Rico and the team of Chuck and Billy. Santina says that she isn’t who she says she is. Santina says that she is taken and in love with another man. She can’t kiss Khali because she loves Good Ol’ JR. Apparently, she is JR’s little sloberknocker. Santina tells JR she loves him. Khali said he had no idea and understands. Khali doesn’t want to be kissed under the condition that she kisses JR now. Santina feels like she is going to faint, as Beth Pheonix comes out. Beth challenges Santina for the title of Miss Wrestlemania. Beth says Santina is a man. Beth calls Khali the biggest idiot in the world. Khali hits her on the head and pushes her over. Santina is able to grab the pin. Khali is behind her and backs her into the corner. Santina’s screams as her bra is torn off by Khali. This is absolutely insane and pretty funny.

“I Quit” Match: Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy

This should be a good one. Jeff starts of looking good early, bringing the fight to Matt. Jeff keeps control with a springboard crossbody among other signature moves including the dropkick in the corner. Jeff puts Matt into a sleeper hold. Matt uses the top turnbuckle to get out of the hold. Matt is in control now and throws Jeff’s legs in the ring post. Matt is going to work on Jeff’s knees as now Matt has a figure four locked in. Matt lets go of the hold to break down the knee. The fans are chanting “we want tables.” Matt has the figure four in again. Jeff rolls over to put the pressure on Matt. Matt puts in a leg lock. You know for these guys hitting high flying moves there isn’t many to speak of. Jeff is in the tree of woe and has his neck being pulled back on. Jeff knocks Matt off the top rope and hits the whisper in the wind. The two trade shots until Jeff takes Matt to the ground. Jeff locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Huge botch with the Twist of Fate. Matt hits a Swanton Bomb off the top rope and hits for a second one. Jeff grabs the table and sets it up near the corner. Matt rolls out of the ring and Jeff hits the Twist of Fate. Jeff puts Matt on the table and grabs some Duct Tape to tape Matt’s Legs and arms together. He then uses rope to tie Matt onto the table. Jeff the grabs a ladder and tells Matt what he is going to do. Jeff goes to the top of the ladder as Matt apologizes for everything. Matt brings up their mom and dad, but Jeff keeps going. Matt Hardy says I quit, but Jeff puts him through the table anyways. 3 out of 5 stars.

Triple H (c), Batista, and Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase Jr.

Triple H goes after Orton while Batista and Shane hold off Rhodes and Dibiase. HHH goes in and takes out Orton. Batista brings Rhodes into the ring and The Animal is in control. Batista tags in Shane and the use a good tag team move. Shane tags in HHH and Cody Rhodes is getting his clock cleaned. Cody gets a strong whip in the corner, and since twice is nice, he does it again. Cody tags in Dibiase and he eats a huge clothesline. HHH tags in Shane and continues the beatdown. Batista is tagged in and he is taunting Dibiase in mid suplex. Rhodes tags in as they both are taking Batista out. Batista hits a huge shoulder block on the two. After a huge spinebuster, Batista goes for a Batista Bomb but Dibiase was able to get out of it. Dibiase escapes the ring but the Animal is in hot pursuit. The Animal is attacked from behind by Orton. Orton is tagged in and goes right for Batista. Orton slides him in the ring and starts the beatdown. Orton tags in Rhodes and Batista is isolated in the corner. Rhodes pushes Batista out of the ring. Orton tags in and hits the second rope DDT for a two count. Orton and Legacy continue their assault on Batista. Batista is trying to fight is way out of the corner but Dibiase was able to regain control. Batista gets back to his feet as he hits a back drop. Orton tags in and keeps Batista in the match. Randy Orton drops his knee on The Animal’s face. After a headlock, Batista hits a flying headbutt. Batista tags Shane in as Rhodes is tagged in. Shane hits a neck breaker for a two count. Shane goes to the top rope and hits the elbow drop on Rhodes. Shane gets a two count as Dibiase takes him out. Orton is tagged in and brings Shane in with a suplex for a two count. Dibiase is tagged in as Legacy continues to work on Shane. Dibiase gets a two count for his efforts and he tags in Rhodes. Cody Rhodes put Shane in a full nelson. Randy Orton is tagged in and Orton hits a dropkick, which earns him a two count. Shane tries for a tag but Orton drags him away. Dibiase is tagged in and a double footstomp earns a two count. Dibiase drags Shane to the corner and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes drops a knee and earns a two count. Shane is pushing Rhodes to his corner but Cody Rhodes isn’t letting up. Shane picks up Rhodes to try and make a tag. Shane is inches away as Rhodes regains control of Shane. Shane is fighting back up to his feet. Shane hits a back drop but can’t make the tag because of the Rhodes tag to Dibiase. Shane hit a DDT and both men are looking to make tags. Shane tags in Triple H and he goes after Orton as the legal man. HHH sends Dibiase and Rhodes out of the ring by tossing them like rag dolls. Orton pokes HHH’s eyes and then is on the receiving end of a spine buster. Dibiase saves Orton at two. Batista runs in and goes after Dibiase. Rhodes hit Triple H with a DDT. Shane goes after Rhodes but Shane eats a chair. Batista eats the same chair. Orton went for an RKO but Triple H reverses into a Pedigree attempt. Batista is just about to hit Rhodes with a chair, but HHH catches him in time to stop him. Orton hits the RKO on Triple H for a two count. The bell is rung even though he kicked out. That guy may or may not be working for the WWE tomorrow. Orton punts Triple H and gets the pin. Randy Orton is the new WWE Champion. This was a great wrestling match. 4 out of 5 stars. Triple H is being stretchered out as Shane and Batista look on. This is a truly scary moment.

Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Title: John Cena (c) vs Edge

The combatants lock up with both men posturing up and its pretty interesting. Edge gets a headlock and follows it up with a shoulder block. Cena counters with a suplex, but Edge hits the Edge O’ Matic. Edge hits a few clotheslines and starts punching him. “Cena sucks” chants can be heard by the fans. Cena gets up at 6 and throws a few punches. Edge whips Cena into the ropes and hits a spinning calf kick. Cena gets up at 6 again and the two trade shots. Edge hits a flapjack and then transitions to a sleeper hold. Cena backs Edge into the corner, but Edge regains the sleeper hold. Cena gets up and clotheslines Edge. Cena slams Edge hard and then Edge locks in the sharpshooter. Cena gets up at 6 again but Edge knocks him off the apron into the announce table. Cena is down and not moving quickly. Cena is up before 8 and Edge slams Cena’s head into the steps. Edge goes shoulder first into the steel steps as Cena moves out of the way. Edge is up at 6 and whips Cena into steps. Cena is up at 7 and he sends Edge into the steps via a whip. Edge is up at 6 and Cena throws him back in the ring. Cena throws the steps into the ring. Edge hits a big boot and grabs the steps. Cena has the steps put on and dropkicked on him. Edge is up to his feet and Cena is up at 9. Cena lifts Edge out of the ring. Edge gets up at 6 and has the steel steps thrown at him. Edge is up at 8 and is thrown in the ring again by Cena. The two trade shots with both falling at the same time. Both men are up at 8. Cena hits a snapmare and Edge reverses a FU with a back drop. Cena uses a drop toe hold on Edge and puts him in the STFU. Edge gets up at 7 and spears Cena. Cena gets up at 8 and catches Edge on the top rope. Cena hits an FU off the top rope and Esge gets up at 9. Cena goes up to the top rope but is speared by Edge. Cena gets up at 9 and falls out of the ring. Edge takes the announce table apart and puts Cena on top. Cena hits an FU into the first row of fans. Edge is up at 9 and Cena is livid. Edge runs into the crowd and Cena is in hot pursuit. They fight all the way back into the arena by the stage. Cena bulldogs Edge onto some crates. Edge gets up at 7 and hits Cena with a construction workers hat. Edge hits Cena with the Edge-ucator. Cena gets up at 9. Edge comes back and hits Cena with a steel chair twice. Cena gets up at 9. Cena goes for the FU, but Big Show comes out to interfere. Cena is then choke slammed into a firework’s display. Cena is out for the ten count giving Edge the title. I HATE John Cena but, he did an amazing job. Cena was stretchered off at the end of Backlash. 4 out of 5 stars,


2 Responses to “WWE Backlash Review”

  1. mitsuharumisawax9 Says:

    A truly scary moment? Have you ever heard the word kayfabe?

    • biggman621 Says:

      Yes, but I have seen enough wrestling accidents in person to get a little nervous about stuff like that. Also, I think I was more worried about Cena since he went into what basically was a fireworks display. With the fire at the end, I has every right to be scared for them.

      I understand that it was possibly kayfabe, but like I said, i have seen enough go wrong that I get a little worried.

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