TNA Impact Review

Jeff Jarrett walks out really upset from a meeting. He blows off Jeremy Borash. A little bit later Mick Foley walks out and says that he looks forward to working with Jeff Jarrett again.

The Main Event Mafia come out. Kurt Angle says he has been named The Godfather of the MEM. As long as he gets respect, he do anything needed to be done. Angle says if he goes into the fatal four way at Sacrifice for the TNA title, he will put his seat as The Godfather of the MEM. Angle said he will go to Foley’s office and take over.

JB is with Foley and he has no idea what is going on. Jarrett comes into the office and says to stay out of his way tonight. Foley wants Jarrett’s support against Angle and Jarrett storms out of the office.

Lauren is with Kurt Angle and she asks about Sacrifice. Angle says he will win the title. He tells Scott Steiner he wants Jarrett in the match at Sacrifice.

The Amazing Red and Suicide vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Red looks a little different than before, but I dig the new look. Red and Alex Shelley will start the match. Shelley hits a big shoulder block and Red counters with a deep spring board arm drag. Alex Shelley tags in Chris Sabin hits a big Huracanrana. Suicide tags in and takes Sabin down. Red tags in and Suicide press slams him onto Sabin for a two count. After Red hits a couple solid kicks, the Guns hit a huge hip toss. Shelley puts Red in the Tree of Woe and hits a sliding drop kick. Sabin hits the hesitation drop kick giving them a two count. Red takes out Shelley with a calf kick and Sabin with a reverse DDT. Suicide is tagged in and cleans house. Shelley hits sliced bread for a two count. Sabin hits Red with a drop kick to knock him off. Red hits a twisting press on Sabin to take him out. Suicide hits the Suicide Solution for the pin as they move on in the tag team tournament. This was an insane match and I couldn’t believe how good red looked. 4 out of 5 stars.

Lauren is with The Beautiful People and she is talking about Madison’s match tonight. Madison looks extremely worried about the match. I detect a face turn for Madison Rayne soon.

Lauren is with Abyss and he says his match tonight will be one that he can’t use weapons, but his opponent can. Cody Deaner comes in and goes of on Abyss. I don’t know how smart that was. ODB’s hair looks crazy, almost like a peacock.

Foley is with the Motor City Machine Guns. He asks them for help to keep Kurt Angle out of his office. Alex Shelley wants to know who is under the Suicide mask. He tells them it is Al Snow. The Guns tell Foley to keep researching. I am so happy for the Al Snow reference it is scary. I mean it isn’t, but it would be cool.

The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams) w/ Rob Terry vs LAX (Homicide and Hernandez)

Hernandez is out cold and Brutus Magnus has Hernandez’s case. This went from a tag match to a handicap match. Homicide hits a Suicide dive to take out Magnus and Williams. Williams is in as Homicide hits a spinning neck breaker. Magnus is tagged in and he eats a spinning shoulder block. Homicide goes to the top rope and hits a double missile drop kick. Magnus takes down Homicide as the numbers game may be catching up to him. Williams tags in and hits a few European uppercuts and follows it up with a high knee and a suplex. After the near fall, Magnus and Williams use a neck tie and slams Homicide down. Magnus hits a power slam and goes to the top rope. Magnus went for a splash and tags in Williams. Williams is hit by the Gringo Cutter as Homicide goes to the top rope. Magnus holds Homicide up as Williams hit a top rope spinning European Uppercut, which leads to a three count. I would have preferred to see Hernandez too, but I understand the need to put the faction over. 3 out of 5 stars.

Awesome Kong vs Madison Rayne

Kong hits a big choke slam and a big clothesline. Kong picks Madison Rayne after 5 and hits the Impant Buster. Kong cuts off Rudy Charles at 7 and Kong hits the Awesome Bomb. The crowd is chanting one more time, and the crowd gets their wish. Madison Rayne is out for the 10 count. Awesome Kong wins the match. This was a typical squash match. I find the Awesome Kong face turn extremely compelling. 3 out of 5 stars.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky are freaking out backstage.

The Motor City Machine Guns come out to the ring and they call out Christopher Daniels. Daniels comes to the ring and faces a barrage of accusations about him being Suicide. Sabin asks a bunch of questions, all of which are rhetorical questions. Sabin calls Daniels a liar. Sabin says admit that he is Suicide. Daniels says that he doesn’t either of them an explanation and they don’t deserve them. Daniels says he doesn’t have time to worry about Suicide. Daniels says to ask Suicide himself. Daniels beats up both members of the Motor City Machine Guns.

Foley is with Samoa Joe and asks him to have Foley’s back against Angle. Foley goes over their history and Joe walks away.

Cody Deaner w/ ODB vs Abyss

Deaner grabs steel sign and it has no effect, same effect as the trash can lid. Abyss rips the kendo stick out of Deaner’s hand. Deaner spits booze in Abyss’ eyes and hits him with a garbage can. A kendo stick to the head isn’t doing much on Abyss. Deaner has a steel chair and hits him in the head. Abyss finally falls to the mat. Deaners goes into his fanny pack and takes out a wrench. Abyss takes a charging Deaner and hits a Black Hole Slam, which earns Abyss the victory. 3 out of 5 stars.

Lauren is with Daffney and she asks about her visits with Dr. Stevie. Daffney says that her and Lauren have something in common. Daffney seems interested in Abyss. My what an interesting turn.

JB is  with Kevin Nash and Booker T and asks about the cat fight last week. Kurt Angle comes in and breaks it up as Booker and Sharmell leave.

Matt Morgan comes out and reveals that the Main Event Mafia. Morgan offers his services to the MEM.

Lauren is with AJ Styles and asks about the issues between him and Joe. Styles says that Joe has changed and he is not on the page with anyone.

Traning session with Rhino and Jesse Neal. This is absolutely incredible.

Kevin Nash and Booker T vs Samoa Joe and AJ Styles

Joe doesn’t come out so it will be AJ Styles starting off with Booker T. AJ and Booker trade arm locks ultimately ending with Booker using a knee. After a near fall on Booker, Nash is tagged in. Nash uses the elbow pad for a weapon and knocked AJ silly for a second. AJ has a sleeper hold on Nash as he is brought into the corner and Booker T gets tagged in. Booker is in control and takes out AJ. Nash and Booker double team AJ, but to no avail. AJ sends Booker T over the top rope and hits a flying forearm on Nash sending him to the floor. Bobby Lashley is in the Impact Zone as a video is shown of him walking in. AJ Styles uses a spring board cross body to hit Nash and Booker T on the outside of the ring. Samoa Joe comes out to the ring as the go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Booker T is in control as he uses a knee strike. Nash is tagged in as now Joe comes in and takes out Nash and Booker T. Sharmell grabs the belt and it is slid into the ring. Booker T hits Styles with the belt and he earns the pin fall victory. This was a good match. 3 out of 5 stars.

AJ and Samoa Joe are face to face in the ring, as it goes to Mick Foley in the office. He is talking to someone and agrees to use them to attack Angle.

Angle goes into the office and Mick Foley is waiting for him. Foley is working on a contract for someone new. Angle starts choking Foley and says he will take that title. Foley asks Angle why he is so angry and has no idea where he hit him with a chair. They negotiate where to hit Mick in the head with the guitar.  Foley calls to have a chair in his office. It turns out he was talking to the sock. Sting comes in the dark and hits Foley with a chair as Impact goes off the air.

Overall Promo Rating: 2 out of 5

Best Match: The Amazing Red and Suicide vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Worst Match: No bad matches this week.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

My predictions: I got 2 out of my 3 guesses right.


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