Main Event Mafia vs TNA Frontline

Kevin Nash and Booker T vs Samoa Joe and AJ Styles

Joe doesn’t come out so it will be AJ Styles starting off with Booker T. AJ and Booker trade arm locks ultimately ending with Booker using a knee. After a near fall on Booker, Nash is tagged in. Nash uses the elbow pad for a weapon and knocked AJ silly for a second. AJ has a sleeper hold on Nash as he is brought into the corner and Booker T gets tagged in. Booker is in control and takes out AJ. Nash and Booker double team AJ, but to no avail. AJ sends Booker T over the top rope and hits a flying forearm on Nash sending him to the floor. Bobby Lashley is in the Impact Zone as a video is shown of him walking in. AJ Styles uses a spring board cross body to hit Nash and Booker T on the outside of the ring. Samoa Joe comes out to the ring as the go to commercial.

Coming out of the break, Booker T is in control as he uses a knee strike. Nash is tagged in as now Joe comes in and takes out NAsh and Booker T. Sharmell grabs the belt and it is slid into the ring. Booker T hits Styles with the belt and he earns the pin fall victory.


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