An Old Face Returns

The Amazing Red and Suicide vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Red looks a little different than before, but I dig the new look. Red and Alex Shelley will start the match. Shelley hits  a big shoulder block and Red counters with a deep spring board arm drag. Alex Shelley tags in Chris Sabin hits a big Huracanrana. Suicide tags in  and takes Sabin down. Red tags in and Suicide press slams him onto Sabin for a two count. After Red hits a couple solid kicks, the Guns hit a huge hip toss. Shelley puts Red in the Tree of Woe and hits a sliding drop kick.  Sabin hits the hesitation drop kick giving them a two count. Red takes out Shelley with a calf kick and Sabin with a reverse DDT. Suicide is tagged in and cleans house. Shelley hits sliced bread for a two count. Sabin hits Red with a drop kick to knock him off. Red hits a twisting press on Sabin to take him out. Suicide hits the Suicide Solution for the pin as they move on in the tag team tournament.


2 Responses to “An Old Face Returns”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I love the Motor City Machine Guns! I also love Suicide so it was a hard call for who I wanted to win this match. But it was an amazing match. I LOVE ALEX SHELLEY AND CHRIS SABEN FOREVER!

    • biggman621 Says:

      The Guns are incredible. They are amazing live. On a different plane, was this the first time you ever saw The Amazing Red?

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