TNA prediction

Hey everyone, I think Taz will be joining TNA. You heard it here first.

3 Responses to “TNA prediction”

  1. He certainly won’t be wrestling for them, so my question is how he’d actually fit in the booth between or instead of West and Tenay. The short answer is- cut those two out and have Taz and Cornette do the job ten times better.

    • biggman621 Says:

      My question is why wouldn’t he wrestle for them? Instead of the announce table, I see him joining the MEM. He has a few ECW Heavyweight Title reigns and LOADS of experience. This could also mean instead of Nash, since he is still suffering from the staff infection, Taz could fit into Lethal Lockdown. Think of it this way, why else would he return to Philly for a company?

      The other issue if he joined the crew he would be the heel commentator, something I am not entirely sure he could pull off. Don’t get me wrong, I think Tenay and West might be on their way out, but I don’t see them leaving the announce table any time soon.

  2. Insofar as I’ve ever read, his neck is in no shape to wrestle again. Remember the second One Night Stand? If he was able to wrestle, I’m sure he’d have done more versus Jerry Lawler than squash him with the Tazmission. If he couldn’t wrestle in ’06, I doubt he can now.

    Tenay and West aren’t the worst thing to happen to wrestling announcing, but I just wish they would put Cornette in the booth. Doubly so, if Taz joins.

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