My WWE draft thoughts.

I have a lot to say about the WWE draft, so let’s get down to business.

MVP to Raw: MVP is a great wrestler who is finally starting to get recognized

Big Show to Raw: I understand they want to move the love triangle with Edge and Vickie, but this is giong to get stale very quickly.

Melina to Smackdown: I feel nothing about this move.

Matt Hardy to Raw: Matt Hardy will not survive as a heel on Raw. His mic skills leave a lot to be desired, but he can wrestle. I am torn on this one.

Triple H to Raw: Obvious move here with Randy Orton being on Raw. I think everyone saw this coming.

CM Punk to Smackdown: This move leads me to believe that he will have the title on Smackdown. Seems to me like Edge will win the last man standing match only to see Punk take it from him….again.

The Miz to Raw: Two words to the creative team of the WWE: Really now? Miz doesn’t have any spectacular moves and doesn’t truely deserve the spotlight.

Kane to Smackdown: The only reason for this is either Kane vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26 or the reunion of the Brothers of Destruction.

Chris Jericho to Smackdown: With the heat he was getting on Raw, I think that he has to be in the plans for a World Title shot.

Vladomir Koslov to ECW: One of the best moves of the night. He needs to develop more and isn’t ready for the spotlight either.

Maryse to Raw: I feel nothing about this pick. A switch just to have a Women’s title on each show.

Rey Mysterio to Smackdown: With Smackdown plummeting in the ratings, this should be a nice boost.

Mr. Kennedy to Raw: Raw just got a little bit better with  KENNEDY! ……KENNEDY!

Shad to Smackdown: I feel like this would be a good thing for Shad’s career.

Alicia Fox to Smackdown: The only thing I think will result from this is the inevitable release of DJ Gabriel.

Primo Colon and Carlito Colonto Raw: I feel like this was a necessary move. If you are going to establish Raw as the most powerful brand, then the tag titles should be there

Mike Knox to Smackdown: He is still in the WWE?

Ezekiel Jackson to ECW: Good luck Ezekiel. I hope they treat you better than Mark Henry.

Nikki Bella to Raw: This will make things easier now that they split up. I can follow which one is which.

Candice Michelle to Smackdown: Mark my words. She will have the title soon enough.

Zach Ryder to ECW: I hope rider doesn’t turn out to be a bust. He would be a waste of talent.

Chavo Guerrero to Raw: I would say it caught me by surprise, but it didn’t.

Ricky Ortiz to Smackdown: He is the Spanish version of John Cena. Muscular but not talented.

Layla to Smackdown: This move does nothing for me.

Hornswoggle to Raw: I can’t wait to see who he torments on Raw.

DH Smith to ECW: This is a no brainer. A monkey who continuously beat himself over the head with a hammer for six years saw this coming.

John Morrison to Smackdown: Personally, I think Morrison should be on Raw, but I have been impressed with him lately.

Natalya to ECW: I feel nothing again. I wish the Diva division was good enough for me to care about. There are a few that I like, but there is a huge drop off.

Festus to Raw: Say hello to Imposter Kane and goodbye to Jesse.

JTG to Smackdown: Cryme Tyme has no reason to exist with the tag team titles on a different show. I only have faith in Shad’s skill as a singles wrestler.

Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown: GOD I HATE DOLPH ZIGGLER.

The Brian Kendrick to Raw: It will be interesting to see how Kendrick is received by the Raw crowd. He is extremely talented. I just hope that he is given something worth while.

Charlie Haas to Smackdown: I have been high on Haas since he got into the WWE with Team Angle.

Hurricane Helms to ECW: I think this is foreshadowing his release.

Brie Bella to Raw: Remember what I said about being able to tell them apart? Forget about that.


One Response to “My WWE draft thoughts.”

  1. I have to wonder if Kennedy will ever amount to anything. I was a huge fan when he hit his first stride on Smackdown, but ever since he’s been fighting injury and loosing heat. I think when he screwed the pooch with the ‘Vince’s Bastard Child’ angle he cut his last best shot.

    Cryme Tyme to Smackdown? I can only assume it’s to help viewership numbers on the show.

    Alicia Fox- :shrug: Could care less.

    Primo & Carlito- Not surprised, really. The flagship has to have all the important belts, you know?

    I like Mike Knox, that silly mountain man. I can only hope the give him some more thorough getting over on SD.

    Paul Heyman heaped praise on Ezekiel Jackson for his stint in OVW. We can only hope he lives up to it.

    Nikki Bella- They had to move one of them. I could never tell one from the other.

    Candice Michelle- She did about everything she could on Raw. Welcome change.

    I can decide if the moved Ryder down to ECW for more seasoning or what. He was either split from Hawkins because they think he can handle himself on his own, or he’s not good enough to play on the middle brand.

    Chavo to Raw was just about settled when Vicki moved to GM the thing.

    Again, I assume Ortiz moving was to help demographic numbers.

    Meh. Layla. :shrug:

    Hopefully Hornswoggle’s move to Raw doesn’t portend a return to Vince’s Bastard Child Comedy Hour.

    Wow. They remember they still have Smith on the payroll.

    I think Morrison has earned his bones. Let him and Rey duke it out for the IC title.

    So they’re forming the Hart faction after all. Not that Natalia moving was a surprise, what valeting Kidd always.

    Festus is comedy. I hope he works out solo. Jesse, however, joins the Future Endeavors club shortly, I fear.

    Dolph Ziggler? He’s not the Spirit Squad member I would have kept if I were them.

    I can only hope The Kendrick moving to Raw means he’s going to get something interesting to do when he gets there.

    Haas moved Raw to Smackdown. I’ve met Charlie before. He’s a good guy and a damn fine wrestler, but I don’t see anyone caring. It’s a shame, but they call it the Charlie Haas pop for a reason.

    Helms on ECW? I hope he does good things, but he hasn’t interested me more than the token return since the Cruiserweight reign.

    Damnit. Stupid Bellas! They fixed the problem, and promptly broke it again.

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