WWE Supplemental Draft Issues

I had to go home today and I won’t be able to post until I get home later tonight. I have been keeping tabs on the WWE supplemental draft. Just try to be patient and I will announce the results as well as my two cents when I get back.

3 Responses to “WWE Supplemental Draft Issues”

  1. Most surprising thing to come out of the draft: Christian’s still on ECW. That’s a big ol’ vote of No Confidence from the front office if ever I saw one.

    • biggman621 Says:

      This was an interesting draft. I will go more into my feelings tomorrow when I am able to sleep on it and really consider things. But, I will agree with you on Christian being on ECW is a shocker. I kind of figured that the front office would want to have him win the ECW title, but I am just not sure about what is going on in the front office. Now, had Christian won MITB, there is no reason to move him, but why not put him on Raw to keep an eye on Vickie? Then, you can reintroduce Edge into that storyline on Raw. I thought of that in 2 minutes, so why am I not on the creative team? The answer is there is none, and we get the same storyline shoved down our throats, month after month. At least in TNA, they might recycle it after a year or so.

      Thanks for reading, and make sure you check out my reaction to the draft tomorrow.

  2. Ok. Yeah. I sorta posted reactions on the last entry… we’ll talk about it in your next post.

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