450 Splash branching out

One of my professors challenged all of his students to write for his site. I took the challenge on, knowing I would have to write for a different crowd.  This crowd didn’t necessarily know anything about pro wrestling. If you want to read what I wrote for his site, click here.

By the way, one really cool thing about his site is that he has six shows he picks as his best bets.  Thank you to all who support my site because you are the ones who make this possible.


3 Responses to “450 Splash branching out”

  1. Congrats Peter (if you don’t mind me calling you that) for being featured on a ‘big’ site like TVWW. I think the only thing you can do when talking about wrestling to non-fans is adopt a semi-defensive position about it. People have such a knee jerk reaction to the idea of professional wrestling that they can’t even give it a chance past their mental image of Hogan and the camp-fest that was the 80’s wrestling scene.

    And as a side-note: You professor is Bianculli? Wow.

    • biggman621 Says:

      Yea. I had no idea how big he was until I talked to him one on one and read some of his work. As far as the comments are concerned, I had some idea that at least one person would have acted a little over the top. For me to not expect it, would have been unrealistic and irresponsible on my part. I will contact both people at a later point in time. Thanks for reading the post though.

  2. I listen to NPR pretty much all the time. Granted, it’s public radio, but being nationally broadcasted on a fairly regular basis is nothing to sneeze at. It’s kind of… dumb, what with wrestling being as popular and enduring as it is, but you have to very much ease people into even reading about it, much less discuss it in anything less than a condescending manner.

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