Interview and a note

Look out for my preview and predictions for Wrestlemania 25 tomorrow.

This was an interview I did with a friend of mine, Alex Costa. She is NOT a wrestling fan and has never been to a live event. I decided to get her input on the entire experience. Below is the interview I conducted after the first night of CHIKARA‘s King of Trios.

450 splash: So, this was the first wrestling event you have ever been to right?

Alex Costa: Yes

450: What was your overall impression on the CHIKARA event?

AC: It was cool how it was set up and everything, like how the wrestler’s intermingled with the crowd. One wrestler actually got into it with a young kid. He couldn’t be more than 8 years old. I also liked how they made it entertaining, not just “look at me wrestle this person.”

450: Which match did you like the best?

AC: I think I liked Team DDT vs The Future is Now because the trios were high flying and it was moving really fast, which made it very entertaining. It had enough elements of funniness and wrestling as well.

450: Which match did you like the least?

AC: I didn’t like thevlast match because I didn’t really like the Unstable. The other match I didn’t care for was the match with El Generico (Team PWG vs First Family). It just wasn’t as fast paced as the others, but I enjoyed El Generico. My biggest issue was that they weren’t as fast paced as the others.

450: We were both at the event so we know what happened, but for those of you who don’t know (or didn’t read my post on the first night), D-Lo Brown made an appearance because Iceberg of the Cold Front “had his flight cancelled.” I know I relived my childhood reliving the WWF/WWE. But for someone who didn’t have the same wrestling background, in your eyes, how was his appearance significant?

AC: D- Lo is the man. I don’t know, he was really cool. For me, it wasn’t that significant, but the crowd went nuts. Even if you aren’t a wrestling fan, you can understand who is a big deal and who isn’t.

450: What are the things you will remember about the event?

AC: I will always remember Grizzly Redwood being spun 100 times. I also liked Al Snow‘s Head.

450: So you like Head?

AC: Yes, I like Head.

450: If there is one match that could have went 15 minutes longer, what would it have been?

AC: I don’t really know. That one’s tough because usually 20 minutes are enough for me. Team DDT vs The Future is Now could have went about 10 more minutes. Also, the one with Necro Butcher could have went longer too. Team CZW was very entertaining so that would have been interesting too.

450: Has this inspired you to go to other wrestling events, not necessarily indy shows, but WWE or TNA?

AC: I certainly wouldn’t mind it. I might go out and get a ticket but only if someone were to go with me. This isn’t something I would do on my own. I did enjoy it though.

450: Is there anything else about the event that you would like to say?

AC: I really liked it. I liked it better than I thought I was going to. It isn’t what you would expect from watching it on TV. I recommend if you are a wrestling fan, to go see it live.

450: Would you recommend it to someone who isn’t necessarily a fan?

AC: I think it would depend on the person because I can see some people not being entertained at all by it. But, I do think more people would be more entertained by it though, than they think they would.

450: How do you feel about some of the big names of the indy circuit, such as Jorge Rivera, Johnny Saint, Necro Butcher, El Generico, Delirious, and Mike Quackenbush? Would it have been different for you had they not been there?

AC: Some you can see why they are a big deal. The crowd really got pumped up and that was cool. I feel like the people who are known can be as good as the ones you don’t know, since you won’t know the difference.

450: How do you think you fit into the crowd?

AC: I felt like I held my own. It was kind of the atmosphere I was expecting: little bit of beer, lots of shouting, and a lot of excitement.

450: I always like going to events and hearing what the fans or wrestlers say during the matches, what was the most interesting thing you heard the entire night?

AC: As far as fans are concerned, the funniest thing came from the people behind us. The were commenting on Vin Gerard and Colin Delaney‘s pedophile mustache.As far as the wrestler’s go, I like when Beef Wellington was rapping and when Delirious was in a submission hold. He was yelling, “No. No. Help. I don’t like this.” It was absolutely hilarious.


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