Sharkboy/450 Splash

Image from shstrng's Photo Stream

Image from shstrng's Photo Stream

Some of you may remember the post done about 3 weeks ago on Shark boy and the fire that occurred at his house. Anthony Conchel, former writer and editor of The Squared Circle (1998-2000), sent me a comment about the post.

Here is the comment:

Shark Boy,
We are very sorry that you lost your possessions in the fire.

However, we are grateful that you and your son are OK. We enjoy watching you in the ring and hope you can get back there soon.

We have one of your masks that my daughter loves to wear when we play around the house.

I met you in Cincinnati at the Pillman Show in 1998 and have followed your career since then.

Take care. Our love and prayers are with you.

Anthony & Amber Conchel

I was so touched by the comment left that I had to do something.  I decided to contact Sharkboy himself about the comment.  Within a week, Sharkboy emailed me and contacted Mr. Conchel.

Sharkboy is one of my favorite wrestlers as it is.  I have so much more respect for Sharkboy going through a tragedy and still answers fan mail. I would like to wish them both good luck in everything they do.

Big thanks to Anthony Conchel and Sharkboy for making this story possible and allowing me to make this post.


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