TNA Impact Preview

Here are the matches announced for tonight’s  TNA Impact:

X Division Championship: Alex Shelley (c) vs Kiyoshi

“Off the Wagon” Challenge: Beer Money Inc (c) vs LAX

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs Shane Sewell

Four Corner Knockout Tag Team Match: The Beautiful People vs Rhaka Khan and Sojo Bolt vs Taylor Wilde and Roxxi vs Awesome Kong (c) and Raisha Saeed

My Predictions:

Shelley defeats Kiyoshi and Suicide attacks after the match.

Matt Morgan defeats Shane Sewell.  Also, what happened to the Booker T/Shane Sewell angle?

“Off the Wagon” Challenge: LAX wins the titles and have to put them up against Beer Money Inc. at Destination X

Four Corner Knockout Tag Match: Sojo Bolt pins Taylor Wilde as she is interfered with by Madison Rayne. After the match, Kong attacks. Pretty standard.


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