TNA Impact Review 2/26/09

I can’t wait to see what happens in the Angle/Sting Saga, and if that Suicide sign I saw on the website will mean anything. Mike Tenay and Don West open the show by describing the fight between Sting and Angle. The Main Event Mafia will speak on what happened last week.

Later tonight there will be a 4 way X Division title match and another “Off The Wagon” challenge.

The Beautiful People w/ Cute Kip vs Taylor Wilde and Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne and Angelina Love will start off the match. Rayne tags in Wilde. It seems like Rayne and Wilde have really great chemistry. After a distraction from Kip, Velvet Sky takes control for The Beautiful People. This is one of the better Knockout matches I have seen. Velvet Sky did an Inverted Curb Stomp and it looked believable. Sky isn’t a great wrestler, so the curb stomp inversion was nice. Taylor Wilde is finally tagged in and she gets slapped by Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky hits Wilde with the Beauty Mark and gets the pinfall. This match kept me captivated from start to finish. 3 out of 5 stars.

Angle Interview is just him and the mafia walking past JB without saying a word.

Jeremy Borash is in the MEM locker room. JB is in there and Booker T, known as “Huffman,” are asked to go outside by police.

“Off the Wagon” Challenge Beer Money Inc. vs The Rock and Rave Infection

James Storm comes out with the cooler cart and beer goggles. I feel like he should mix it up a bit; maybe throw in a beer helmet or something. It is obvious by who they are facing which team is going to leave. The Rock and Rave Infection hasn’t done much over the past couple of months so they won’t win.

Jimmy Rave and Robert Roode start the match and the Rock and Rave Infection take control early. Lance Rock looks much different than I remember. He looks like he gained weight and doesn’t look in great shape. I put my money on Rock going home. Rock is tagged in and choke-slams both members of Beer Money. Lance Rock is hit with a tag title belt as Jacqueline distracts the ref, which allows Robert Roode to get the pinfall. Lance Rock (Lance Hoyt) is gone from TNA. Overall, this was a good match, but I am really getting tired of Beer Money winning the same way. 2.5 out of 5 stars

Sting pulls up in a very nice car and he ignores JB.

JB with Booker T: He is showing the police his locker room because it was destroyed by AJ Styles.

Abyss’s therapy session with Dr. Stevie: Abyss is comparing cutting himself to the feeling of the first present on Christmas. Also, another first for TNA, we have a Jonas brothers reference by the monster himself. These therapy sessions are absolutely hilarious.

ODB‘s fan contest: This has to be rigged to bring in a wrestler. It is an absolute shame if they don’t.

Booker T with the police again. As the police leave, AJ appears and starts beating down Booker T. This leads into security having to pull them apart.

Lauren interviews Scott Steiner about Tenay interviewing Sting and Angle. He goes off on a tangent about beating Samoa Joe down. Joe puts a knife to Steiner’s neck and is playing mind games. This is very intense and well done.

JB with Jeff Jarrett and they talk about the MEM and how we are seeing the beginning of the end.

Mick Foley‘s Hardcore History: This was a very interesting insight to his favorite matches. The interesting thing is that TNA will recognize the WWE but not the other way around. As the Hurricane would say, “What’s up with that?”

Tenay’s interview with the Main Event Mafia. Sting comes out with the MEM. Tenay asks Sting if Angle will be facing him at Destination X. Nash takes the mic and says he is the spokesman for the Main Event Mafia. He says that things aren’t great, but they are working that out. Nash gets in Tenay’s face and is trying to convince Angle and Sting that this is all Jarrett’s doing. I got to admit Nash is giving a hell of a pep talk.

Jeff Jarrett interrupts Nash’s pep talk and comes to the ring with mic in hand. Double J says that he sees that Sting isn’t buying into the Mafia. He says that Sting stands for all these things he is fighting for, is what he isn’t getting from Angle. Jarrett says that Angle and Sting will face off at Destination X for the TNA title.

Booker T asks what he found and says TNA is a company with nobodies. Book also claims that without the MEM, there will be no TNA. Kurt and Sting will sign the contract for Destination X tonight.

Don West is pissed off and annoyed with Mike Tenay. Don West goes over the history between them. Don West says that Tenay said nothing during a meeting about West’s future. Don West says Tenay was a selfish prick. West leaves the announce table as he tells Tenay to shove the mic where the sun don’t shine. This could be a very interesting angle and who knows maybe West vs Tenay at Lockdown?
Lauren is with the Kongtourage, and Sojourner Bolt and Rhaka Khan take off and head toward the ring.

Sojo Bolt has the mic and tells Kong that her and Saeed is won’t tell them what to do. Khan and Sojo call Kong out to the ring. We might be witnessing the fall of the Kongtourage. Kong and Saeed come out to the ring and it turns into a tag team match.

Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong vs Sojourner Bolt and Rhaka Khan

There is really not much to say about this match. The match is very bland and unfortunately not much too it. Rhaka Khan is a very good women’s wrestler. I am very impressed with what she can do. Sojo Bolt pins Saeed with a backslide. Kong comes back in and takes out Khan and Bolt. This match came to an end when it needed to. 1 out of 5 Stars.

TNA Rough Cut: Ultimate X match and heights. These new promos are very good and extremely insightful.

Congratulations to Hoobastank for creating the theme song for Destination X. The name of the song is “My Turn.”

X Division Title Ladder Match: Consequences Creed vs Jay Lethal vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley

This match will hold a very interesting dynamic. The four competitors are part of tag teams, so I wonder what will happen when each team member must face each other. The Motor City Machine Guns have control early. Lethal Consequences try to bring in the ladders, but the Guns baseball slide the ladders into them.

Coming out of a commercial, Sabin tries climbing up the ladder but gets cut off by Creed. Sabin takes out Creed and goes for the belt again. Jay Lethal cuts him off and hits a Power move onto a ladder. Shelley comes in and hits the Sliced bread on Lethal and grabs the title belt. After the match, Suicide comes in from the zip-line.

Suicide takes out Sabin, Lethal, Creed and Shelley in that order. He grabs the X Division Title, and I think this is a message for Shelley. Suicide wants his shot. This was an awesome match followed up by an awesome run in. If Suicide wins the title, he will be the first video game character to win a legitimate title in real life. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Jeff Jarrett comes out with the contract for the Destination X title match. Kurt Angle gets into the ring with the rest of the MEM without Sting. Nash tells Jarrett that this match won’t happen, but Jarrett tells Angle he doesn’t understand. Jarret says Angle is gutless. The crowd is egging Angle on, and he signs. Jarrett is hit with the clip board and is being beat down. Foley comes out to check out Jeff, and Angle hits Foley from behind.

Sting comes out and hits Angle with his baseball bat. Sting signs the contract making the match official. It will be Kurt Angle vs Sting at Destination X for the TNA Title.

Promo Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Best Promo: Abyss and Dr. Stevie

Worst Promo: Kongtourage Meltdown

Overall Rating: 2.9 out of 5 Stars

Best Match: X Division Title Match

Worst Match: Raisha Saeed and Awesome Kong vs Sojo Bolt and Rhaka Khan


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