TNA and Suicide

I was one of the people who bought the TNA video game to try it out. The game was impressive, but unfortunately, had a very short story mode. It reminded me of one of the early SmackDown! games, just better graphics and a little more developed as far as the in characters in the ring.

A lot of people gave the game a lot of bad reviews because it wasn’t up to snuff with the SmackDown vs Raw games. Not for nothing, the WWE video games started all the way back on the NES, so they know how that industry works. I am not excusing the TNA video game being below the curve, but it gets a pass because it was the first game for the company.

The main character in the game was Suicide, a masked wrestler who is cut down by LAX and eventually works his way up to win the TNA title. This character was well developed and I remember saying to my brother, “what if he was a real wrestler?”

TNA granted my wish as he made his debut at Final Resolution and took out the Motor City Machine Guns. I think this was a brilliant move to bring Suicide to life for two reasons. First, the WWE has never brought a created character to life. The fact TNA was able to do it shows how confident in the character to make this work. The other reason is to market the game, and eventually, the sequel.

My only issue is that TNA hasn’t used Suicide too much. He has been used more to break up promos or beat downs. While this is all fine and dandy, there has been no matches with him because Frankie Kazarian is out with an injury. I look forward to seeing Suicide in action, but I don’t know how long I am going wait for it. Hopefully, Suicide will debut in a match as early as this week.

I just saw something interesting. If you go to the TNA website and let the images roll, there is Suicide’s image on the fourth slide. Maybe I will get my wish soon.


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