Flair’s ROH contract and A Note to Rourke

Image from The Badder in the World's Photostream

Image from The Badder in the World's PhotostreaThis is in from wrestlinginc.com:

The details of Ric Flair‘s contract with Ring of Honor have been announced.  Flair will make five to six appearances for the company, starting with a show in St. Louis.  I can only hope that this will lead to an extension.  WOOOOO the “Nature Boy” is back.

For those who don’t know, Mickey Rourke was a nominee for the Oscar for Best Actor.  Rourke was edged out by Sean Penn for the award, and unfortunately, The Wrestler may have been his best work.  Penn did something very rarely seen at any award show, he told Rourke that the Oscar was to be shared between the two of them.  What Sean Penn did at the Oscars is something that everyone will remember, and more importantly, something so unselfish to teach everyone a lesson.

To Mr. Rourke: You are an incredible actor, and deserve the Oscar just as much as Sean Penn does.  Keep this in mind: most of us won’t even come close to the award.  Penn was nice enough to include you in his speech, and in a way, included you in that brotherhood that so many desire, but so few are apart of.  So, with all of that being said, congratulations.


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