Petey Williams Gone From TNA

Image from daysofthundr46's photostream

Image from daysofthundr46's photostream

“Maple Leaf Musc” Petey Williams has been released by TNA and it doesn’t appear that he will be back. TNA has released a statement on their website wishing him the best.  As to what Petey Williams will do from here, no one is really sure.

I have an idea for his next move.  I think he will head to either Japan, or more likely, work the indy circuit around the US and Canada.  Eventually, Petey will either be resigned with TNA (extremely unlikiley) or Ring of Honor.  I think he would be best used in ROH, especially with the new HDNet contract and with almost no one on the roster with TV experience.

This means that there will be no chance of him in the WWE. One of the things that Petey is known for is his finisher, the Canadian Destroyer.  This flip piledriver would never fly with Papa Vince.  WWE has banned the use of any piledriver, with the exception of the Tombstone Piledriver.  The reason why that one is in is because it was grandfathered in and really it fits with the Undertaker gimmick.  I think that if Petey got rid of the Canadian Destroyer, he may not have the same fan base.  The move is meant for true fans of wrestling, not 12 year old girls who like watching Cena and think he is a god. Good luck to Petey and all he does in the future. I look forward to covering you in the future.

video by JDCDK’s Youtube Channel


5 Responses to “Petey Williams Gone From TNA”

  1. Another damned shame. Petey always did every dumb angle they handed him, and he gets the boot like this? TNA is sinking guys like him and Jay Lethal by having them ape the stars of the past. The last time anyone was excited for a Macho Man or Steiner match was back when WCW was still on the air. Such a loss. Damned shame.

    • Unlike the Sonjay release, there is no real reason why he should have been released. I feel bad for him more than anything because he got fired and he never did drugs or drank according to some backstage sources. I was completely shocked when I saw that he was gone. Although I will say when he lost, TNA did the right thing and showed the ovation he got. It really does say how much they did respect him and how much the fans loved him. We can always hope for a Williams resurface, but that probably won’t happen.

      I liked the Steiner/Williams angle, but this could have been so much better. I also think, in a way, if Nash didn’t get the staff infection, we would have Steiner vs Williams at Destination X. As people say though, everything happens for a reason. Maybe I can get lucky and see Maple Leaf Muscle again. This is a major loss for TNA, especially since Destination X is next. Petey, Sabin, and AJ Styles helped build that ppv to be the juggernaut that it is with the Ultimate X match.

      As far as I know about Lethal, The Black Machismo gimmick is something that he did to idolize one of his favorite wrestlers. I also think it works because he is committed to it. I never felt like I was watching a Macho Man match, since Lethal brings a completely different flair to the the Macho Man gimmick. It is this flair that makes him very fun to watch, especially as a tag partner with Creed.

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. It’s not bad on Lethal. Limiting, I think, but he pulls it off. Oh well.

  3. Petey was let go because he was clean. He didn’t hang around the bars and drink up with the boys if you know what I mean

    • biggman621 Says:

      Be that as it may, Petey Williams should never have been released. I am glad to hear that he did everything naturally though. Thank you for your comment and keep reading The 450 Splash!

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