TNA Impact Review 2/19/09

This should be a good show. A street fight and the possible splitting of a faction will make this interesting. Also, a new promo evaluation will be factored in so take a look at that too.

Kurt Angle Promo: Tells Jeff Jarrett that the Main Event Mafia is being brought down from the inside, as Sting has done. Angle wants arena cleared so there is no distractions.

Motor City Machine Guns Interview:The Guns talk about the Street Fight, and it turns into a backstage brawl with Lethal Consequences.

Motor City Machine Guns vs Lethal Consequences Street Fight

This started during the interview and continued through the break. The Guns are in control and are isolating Jay Lethal. As Chris Sabin goes for a suicide dive, Consequences Creed hits him with a chair. Alex Shelley hits a reverse STO on Jay Lethal for a 2 count. A lot of action going on at once, very fun to watch. Sabin tries a Cradle Shock on Creed and Lethal counters into a Lethal Combination onto a chair. Creed gets with an over the shoulder belly to back piledriver from Shelley for a 2 count. Alex Shelley goes to hit Creed with the X Division Belt and ends up hitting Sabin. When Lethal Consequences tries to double team Shelley, Shelley counters Lethal’s clothesline and sends him over the top rope onto a ladder. Creed goes for the TKO and gets hit with Shelley’s X Division Title Belt which gets the guns the 3 count. The match was a ton of fun to watch. A great match to start off the show. 4 out of 5 stars.

Management Promo: Angle and Sting will get the match they want.

Main Event Mafia Promo: Angle calls out Booker T and he leaves because he is upset. AJ Styles attacks Booker and is setting up a Title Match. Promo is pretty good, but I don’t know if they are trying to have AJ as a heel.

Beer Money Inc. issues the Off The Wagon Challenge: Loser Leaves TNA

“Palin”, Taylor Wilde, and Roxxi Interview: Beautiful people annoy everyone. Not a good promo.

Therapy Session with Abyss: I already told everyone about my suspicion with Dr. Stevie being former WWE star Steven Richards. This segment provides an odd look from inside Abyss’s mind.

6 Man Tag Match: Brutus Magnus, Sheik Abdul Bashir, and Matt Morgan
vs LAX and Shane Sewell

I don’t know what to expect from this match. I understand the connection between Sewell and Bashir, but there isn’t one as of right now between LAX and Morgan and Magnus. The match started with Bashir and Homicide, with quick tags to everyone except Hernandez. Sewell is being isolated in the corner as Morgan, Magnus, and Bashir hammering away at him. Sewell finally gets a tag to Hernandez and he cleans house. Hernandez hits the border toss on Bashir and tags in Shane Sewell, who hits a top rope elbow for the 3 count. This was another good match, although I had couple issues. First, Magnus came off as a chump. He looked extremely weak in everything he did, which is a problem if you run a strong and powerful offense. I felt like LAX wasn’t as big a part of the match as they needed to be. It was a shame because they are a GREAT tag team and they deserve a bigger push. 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

Hardcore History with Mick Foley: This segment is one of my favorite things with TNA. It really provides some perspective in the industry.

Scott Steiner Interview: Samoa Joe doesn’t threaten him, and he will beat him. Joe comes in and holds the bar against his sternum, and says my favorite Joe line, “Joe’s gonna kill you.

Sojourner Bolt Interview: Bolt says she earned her shot and takes it seriously. Raisha Saeed interrupts, and it makes things awkward.

Angelina Love w. Velvet Sky and Cute Kip vs Taylor Wilde w. Roxxi and “Palin”

Love doesn’t waste any time as she goes after Wilde immediately. Taylor Wilde gains control and gets tripped by Cute Kip. Kip gets thrown out of ringside, which may give Taylor Wilde the edge. Love has control and keeps pounding away at Wilde, which is good enough for a few 2 counts. Wilde hits the Lights Out but the ref is out of the ring. As Love argues with the ref, Wilde rolls her up in a small package for the pinfall victory. Not a terrible match, but not the best of the night. 2 out of 5 Stars.

Interview with Sting: Sting says that he wanted to be champion and Angle is jealous. Angle can do whatever he wants.

Rough Cut: This Rough Cut is about the Ultimate X match. Everyone says that the match is extreme and defines the X Division. I personally love that match

Beer Money Inc. (c) vs Eric Young and Petey Williams (reuniting of 1/2 of Team Canada)

The challengers come out to the Team Canada music and with their Team Canada jackets. Beer Money Inc. comes out with the same props as last week, the beer goggles and the cooler cart. I would like to take this time to remind everyone that if the challengers lose, the person pinned must leave the company forever. Petey Williams and James Storm start the match. Williams is in control early and tags in Young. The really interesting thing about the match is that the only two members of Team Canada in the match are Coach Scott D’Amore and A-1. I have to admit I really hate when Jacqueline interferes. It is just a cheap transition that I think would be better if it came from Robert Roode.

Coming out of the commercial break, Storm and Roode are isolating Young in the corner. Eric Young tries to fight out of it, but to no avail. Roode is tagged in but Young fights back and tries to tag in Williams, but Beer Money interferes again. Williams finally gets a tag in and only gets a two count after all of the beatings. Williams and Young tried to Superplex Storm but Roode powerbombs both of them. Williams goes for a Canadian Destroyer on Jacqueline, which allows Storm to hit Williams with the Last Call and to get a 3 count. This loss means Petey Williams is gone from TNA. Williams is tearing up and the whole moment is touching. Petey Williams is a great wrestler and it is such a shame that he won’t be a part of TNA anymore. Great match with a sad ending. Good luck to Petey Williams and all of his future endeavors.
4 out of 5 stars.

Team 3D and Rhino Interview: Rhino and Team 3D talk about the fight between Sting and Angle. Then, the conversation goes into a possible strip club visit. Well I never said wrestling was classy, did I?

Kurt Angle vs Sting in a Empty Arena Fight- No Ref, No Rules, No one except cameras and commentators

This whole idea is interesting because of the eerie atmosphere with no one else there. The match will be more like a fight shot as a documentary. Sting and Angle throw punches early and take the fight all over the Impact Zone. Sting seems to have an answer for every attack that Angle has. The fight goes towards the top of the Impact Zone, and Angle is thrown off the top. Angle just keeps coming and just as Kurt gets momentum, Sting cuts him off. Angle begs for mercy and he apologizes, but it isn’t good enough. Nash and Steiner break it up with Nash freaking out and telling the two to shake hands. Sting reiterates Nash’s speech and Angle shakes his hand. This action leads to Angle spitting in Sting’s face and a commercial break. This terrible commercial break timing goes up with everyone that ever happened on Deal or No Deal. 3 out of 5 stars.

Coming out of the break, they show a highlight package of the fight. Sting takes the mic and says that no one spits in his face. Kurt Angle is talking to Nash saying he wants Stings title at Destination X.

Overall Promo Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Best Promo: Team 3D and Rhino
Worst Promo: Sojourner Bolt

Overall Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars
Best Match: Tie: Beer Money Inc (c) vs Eric Young and Petey Williams/ Motor City Machine Guns vs Lethal Consequences Street Fight
Worst Match: Angelina Love vs Taylor Wilde


2 Responses to “TNA Impact Review 2/19/09”

  1. why are all the knockouts matches the worst??!! i love them. they shouldn’t be last all the time.

    • I don’t necessarily mean to put the Knockout matches as the worst. The Kongtourage match had a few obvious blown spots which took me out of the match. I wasn’t captivated like the Knockout tag match earlier in the show. I have an issue with the Kong/Sojo angle because I am not convinced that Sojo even deserves the title shot. Then again, other than ODB, I don’t know who does.

      More to the point, I am actually disappointed with the writing for the Knockout Division. Besides title matches, there are no singles matches; it’s all tag matches. I like tag team matches as much as the next guy, but when it becomes a staple of a division (other than the tag team division), that is a huge issue. Hopefully, with this Rayne/Wilde angle, we will get the singles rivalry that I think we all want to see. I don’t blame the Knockout Division, I blame the writers.

      Please try to understand where I am coming from. I have to compare every match to the rest of the matches in the show. If you look back at my review, without the ladder match, The Beautiful People vs Rayne and Wilde match would have been the best of the night. Really, in almost any other show, it would be the best of the night. I think my review proves that the Knockout Division is a talented, but they aren’t being used in the right way.

      Thank you for reading and the comment. If you have any follow ups or just want to talk, feel free to leave me a comment.

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