Brutus Magnus

Image from simononly's photostream

Image from simononly's photostream

I will be honest, I had no idea what to expect from Brutus Magnus. I never heard of him, or saw him. All I knew is that he was on TNA‘s European tour.

In his TNA debut, he defeated Sharkboy like he was wrestling air. You knew as soon as Sharkboy walked out that Magnus was going to destroy him. As some of you may know, he issued a challenge at Against All Odds to anyone in the locker room. Magnus had a tougher time with Chris Sabin but Magnus still came away with the victory. I am genuinely impressed with the first two matches he has had. Brutus Magnus is uses a stereotypical power game. His finisher, Tormentum, is a devastating pendulum Samoan drop. The sheer force from this move makes it a good finisher. I just wonder why it isn’t something more devastating, something a modern day gladiator might use to defeat his opponent.

The only thing I don’t like about this whole gimmick is when Magnus gets on the microphone. Magnus’s big catchphrase is “my time for glory is upon us.” I really don’t know what is worse: that or Dolph Ziggler’s “Hi, I’m Dolph Ziggler” routine. It is one of those things where I am saying, “Ok, thanks. Got that from the Titantron though.” All critiques aside, Brutus Magnus will be a good mid-card wrestler in TNA, but I am convinced that he is main event material.

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4 Responses to “Brutus Magnus”

  1. I like Magnus a lot actually, but the gladiator gimmick should have gone to Austin Starr back when he worked for them. Picture it… Roman getup, Kratos tattoo over his eye… the ‘God of War’ Austin Ares would have done a lot better than the Adrian Adonis copy he wound up being.

    • I agree with you in a couple of instances. I think Austin Starr would have been a good choice, especially in the Roman warrior sense. However, if you remember when he came to TNA, it was a fan vote that brought him in, or at least, that is what management said. As far as TNA is concerned, I think the way they approached the situation was right. Starr had, and still has, a strong following on the indy circuit. If TNA were to mess with that, his fans could turn on him.

      I also think Starr wasn’t given the best opportunity to succeed since he only appeared sporadically during his tenure.

      I think why Starr didn’t get that gimmick was more about size and marketability. Magnus is HUGE to say the least. He is much bigger than Aries and definitely has more of the stereotypical look of a gladiator. Also, he was on the UK version of Gladiators, which ties him to the gimmick initially. Pair that with his debut in London, and you get a writer’s dream, a story that writes itself.

      Thanks for comment!

  2. Oh yeah. I mean, it’s an old idea, but I thought at the time it’d been a hell of a lot better than what he got saddled with, playing second banana to Nash. Magnus is probably better for the gimmick now, I have to give that to you. I hope this guy does well. TNA’s been making boneheaded calls for a while, if you ask me. It’d be a shame to see them squander another talented someone.

    • I wouldn’t necessarily call their recent moves “boneheaded,” but I’ll admit it, I am a little more than puzzled about their judgement. Who knows? Maybe in a month or two, the fans might be better for it. Only time will tell the story.

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