What to look forward to and a Christian Note

Image from  daysofthundr46's photostream

Image from daysofthundr46's photostream

Hey everyone,

I will be covering a number of events in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and more specifically Philly. The first show I will be evaluating will be one of the first to Ring of Honor tapings for HDNet. In addition to that, I will be attending the first night of CHIKARA‘s King of Trios, a CZW event in March, and various NEWA events. This will all be building up to TNA Lockdown in Philly.

In addition to evaluating shows, I will be providing news to everyone about these organizations as well as updated match cards for PPV events.
I also plan on putting a TNA specific blog and possibly a NEWA blog together. However, that will be later on probably starting at Destination X. Again, I will keep everyone posted.

Also, just a quick note, Christian made his return to the WWE last night on ECW. He interrupted the ECW champ Jack (needs some more) Swagger during a promo. Christian would go against the champ in a non-title match later on in the show. Captain Charisma would win the match because Swagger was hit with Finlay’s Shillelagh and the Unprettier from Christian. I see this return as a god and bad thing. The good thing is he is being looked at, at least somewhat, as main event material. The bad thing is its on ECW so he won’t get a ton of exposure. I do see Captain Charisma being in a main event for Raw or Smackdown, but then again, I thought he should have been before he left. One thing is for certain, we did see what Vince really thinks of Christian coming back.


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